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Zoran inspires you to grow and develop. He has this innate ability to relax you. And that's exactly what I did: I relaxed and found my self. Today, thanks to Zoran, I look at myself from a different perspective. I have regained my self-confidence and with his help, I better myself each and every day. It truly is a privilege to be Zoran's student.

Iíve met Zoran Popov during the period in which I was preparing for the performance on the Beovizija festival in 2005 in Belgrade where I have performed. I think that Zoran can show even the greatest antisinger ones how to sing, his program and working method are suitable for both musically educated structures and those who are totally lacking it, which confirm the results that he made with different singers who have completed his course. In my case he had a very difficult task because Iím an opera solo singer and I have used a totally different kind and technique in singing because Iím occupied with classical music for years and providing that I have never before sung in pop music style Iíve learned to sing in a way which totally differs from the one of which I have only known until then for a very short period of time thanks to Zoran and at the same time Iíve kept my technique of solo singing which totally differs from singing in pop style. Zoran is a man who makes wonders. I would say that he is a David Copperfield in his work and Iím glad Iíve met him.


I can say only the best things about the program which The School of Singing Technique ďZoran PopovĒ uses. Iíve had many different singing classes, but I think that exactly Zoran Popov has helped me with the pop music, which is my style. His method differs from others primarily because of the way he works with his students, it contains many exercises which help the singer to master his technique where I have learned by the way to analyze each syllable in singing. I recommend this program to all singers and amateurs who want to attain or upgrade their interpretation.

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