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     It took some years to achieve good results with the usage of operation's methodologies byl now, which were even applied in some of the most important singing schools in the world. In many situations the good results lacked even totally and the singers couldnt achieve what they wanted.

   It took me some years as well and an aware, daily work which the singer truly must have in order to achieve a top-level interpretation, and thanks to this I managed to create three programs with which I can clear away every problem.

 The School of Singing Techinque Zoran Popov is unique in the world and its program is already set up in the greatest universities for R&B, soul, pop, rock, jazz, pop-ethno and pop-folk music styles. This school is available for everybody who has a good taste with its conscientious and clear program.

   For every singer it is necessary to possess a good singing technique and to be familiar with the basic elements. There isn't all in the vocal warm-up, breathing practice, regular text singing practice, diction practice and a classical kind of work, where the cognition of notes is necessary. With such kind of work you get the, so called, solfegio singing. There are many things that a singer must know and thats what these programs are giving you.


 In order to satisfy the needs of every singer, the School of Singing Technique Zoran Popov  plies you with three kinds of program.

       The 10 levels program is created for singers who worked a lot on themselves, but have problems expressing themselves best, in order to give the top-level interpretation with defined improvisations and a precise singing technique. With the help of this program they gain the ability to be aware of every sung syllable and to be self-confirming when singing the song of choice in original. They also work on contents of drama and on a better improvisation.

       The 20 levels program is created for those who are not content with their interpretation, but have a good sense for rhythm and melody. Its created for both amateurs in singing and those who are playing on an instrument. With the help of this program they gain the ability to be aware of every sung syllable, they learn to sing the triller, vibrato and glissando correctly and to continuously sing using the monophonic voice. The linking of these elements through exercises that take effort looks abstract at first because those are the results of great singers. In this program the singers do rhythm exercises which help them to have a better sense for rhythm, the awareness and self-control of effects and timbre in singing, the building of interpretation, self-confirmation when singing the song of choice in original and to work on contents of drama and singing of top-level improvisations in order to create their authentic expression through improvisation and interpretation.

      The 30 levels program is created for those who have a problem with intonation, because of what they couldnt have a regular technique, and for those who want to get across from opera singing (or the so called solfegio singing) to pop, soul, R&B, jazz, ethno or folk singing.


              Each level is one new level. The elapsed time between two levels is about three days with practicing 2 or 3 hours daily. The singer confirms to himself what he learned in the previous level in order to be ready for another level of learning.

    In the case you are not sure which of these programs is the one you need I must analyze your experience which youve got by now. I can do that by observing your interpretation which you can simply record with a microphone, which serves for communication on the internet, with which you will record your best interpretation that lasts 30 seconds without a harmony based music, i.e. without background music. Only you should be heard. In the case you dont have any programs to record your voice you can simply do it like this and send it to me: START > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder, then you click on the red button record. You should do it a few times in order to show me your best interpretation and put that what you have recorded into a folder from which you will later attach it to an email and send it to my address, The same goes for Mac operating system, it’s just that some commands have a different name.

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