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     Zoran Popov was born in 1970 in Belgrade.

In 1988 he starts to work as a sound recorder in some of the best studios in the former Yugoslavia such as: Aquarius and Studio L R. There he works on recording most of the albums for the most famous performers in that region.

During the next few years he carefully analyzes the difficulties which the singers who recorded in those studios encounter and designs a plan for the program of The School of Singing Technique “Zoran Popov” . The program, which he develops from 1998 to 2002, transforms into a methodology that is accepted worldwide. His school of singing officially starts working in 2002 and already gathers the students from the worldwide music academies. The program of The School of Singing Technique “Zoran Popov” is known as the regular and the only one formula.

   The career of Zoran Popov as a composer starts in 1982 when he won the

1. place at a competition in Dadovo with his group. Then he attains great experience with the noteworthy composer Kornelije Kovac who he has assisted from 1986 to 1988. In 1996 he recorded the album “Samo malo sporije” (trans. “Just a little slower”) and was known as POP, the product of a youthful rapture, but that’s nothing compared to what he has achieved years later. He has composed mainly for others ever since: Tanja Banjanin, a famous Serbian performer (with the song “Ja cinim sve” (trans. “I give my all”) with which he won three awards and the 1. place on the international festival in Belarus), Ivan Gavrilovic, a famous Serbian performer (a great hit “Daj nasmesi se” (trans. “Come on and Smile”)), Ksenija Pajcin, a famous Serbian performer (with the song “Ribar” (trans. “The Fisherman”). Not long ago he has gathered a band consisting of the best young musicians on Balkan: The Musica - Zoran Popov Band. With the help of this band Popov recorded many jingles for the Television and Radio from which the jingle for the Musical Television of Serbia was highlighted, as well as some singles (Severni vrhovi(trans. Northern peaks), 2005)…

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