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The teacher of singing Zoran Popov is lecturing in Belgrade (Serbia) as well where he trains his students to become top-level singers. In the case you would like to attend the lessons in Belgrade (which is a beautiful ancient European city where the Eurosong festival has taken place in 2008) you’ll see that Zoran has plenty of provisions for your arrival:

          The cost of each program has a discount of  


          You’ll stay at a hotel at his own cost during those 2 months.


    Our expert-associate would await you there and be with you at least 3 hours daily. In the meanwhile he would show you Belgrade and tell you about its sights and history, but if you’re not interested in that he would show you where you can go shopping, eat in restaurants, go to internet cafés etc.


    When you have your first lesson Zoran Popov will give you a mini laptop which is convenient for taking notes and practicing as well as an mp3 player which will come in handy when practicing.





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